“We believe in the human spirit and its resilience.  We take those who are in anguish, we give them a place to call home, attention and support. But most of all we show them that they are valued, and that moves mountains.”

Positive Dreams, Positive Futures

Often for anyone living with HIV one of the most difficult challenges is figuring out where to go from the diagnosis. Frequently many feel a sense of hopelessness and that a normal life is no longer available to them. Our homes and programs at SHARP provide assistance and support so questions and concerns can be addressed in a way that will help those with HIV make positive choices for their future.

Just as each person is unique, each person’s experience with HIV is unique; no client can be treated with the exact same methods as another. The major hurdle of looking beyond diagnosis and finding hope for the future is often extremely difficult and with this in mind, we develop a Case Management Initiative to help patients achieve a normal life.