Our Partners:

Partnerships are critical for our organization to provide cost effective delivery of care and support for residents of Beswick House and Scott House. Our partners are actively engaged in the care, treatment and support of our residents, providing a multi-disciplinary approach to resident care.

Our strategic partners include:

Effective partnerships, including understanding roles and expectation of our partnerships, are essential in our ability to provide appropriate cost-effective services to our clients. Creating a strong community-based organization includes understanding the expertise and services available from other service agencies and working together to create effectively programming.

These partnerships enable us to work more effectively with our partners in supporting residents and facilitating appropriate education and awareness for current and potential agencies to address discrimination and stigma associated with HIV.

The SHARP Foundation will develop and nurture strategic partnerships to maintain and enhance the quality of life of all persons living with HIV. Our community partners include social services, housing, and health and wellness support services, each which contribute to a better living situation for our residents.

For information on our care and a basic cost breakdown, see our online PDF.

Thank  you to all our amazing sponsors and partners!

Our Funders



Educational Institutions

  • Bow Valley College
  • Mount Royal University (Social Work, Public Relations, Nursing)
  • University of Calgary (Social Work, Nursing)


… and our many individual and private donors