The SHARP Foundation provides information and instruction on caring for individuals living with HIV  to families or friends of individuals living with HIV and those interested in learning about HIV. The SHARP Foundation aims to educate to reduce the stigma of disease and discrimination of  individuals living with HIV.

If you’re interested in learning more about HIV head to our Research page or complete Engender Health’s mini course. The mini course is designed to provide a basic introduction to HIV and aid everyone in understanding disease prevention and control in day to day life with a focus on HIV and reproductive health.

For additional information on caring safely for individuals living with HIV go to Canadian HIV/AIDS Information Centre, Canadian Public Health Association website or contact our office.

An excellent resource for working with clients that are HIV positive and either Unwilling or Unable (U2) to prevent the spread of HIV was created by the Calgary Coalition on HIV and AIDS. Guidelines_for_Working_with_U2_Clients (pdf)

Some of our resource, research, and education partners are:

HIV/AIDS Cancer Pain Release – The urgency of pain control in adults with HIV/AIDS – Publication of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Policy & Communications in Cancer Care; Volume 19, No. 4 — 2006

Rooftops Canada believes the right to adequate housing is a basic human right. A secure place to live is central to everyone’s well-being and dignity. Affordable housing is also a fundamental building block that improves neighbourhoods, reduces poverty and creates vibrant, inclusive and healthy cities.

Addiction Services Guide (Calgary and Area)
The Calgary Addiction Initiative Steering Committee, consisting of members from the Calgary Health Region (CHR), Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), Norlien Foundation, Alberta Mental Health Board and members representing community services, have been working to compile this current guide to addiction services in Calgary and area.

AIDS Calgary Awareness Association
Promotes life enhancing choices and supportive environments for persons living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Calgary Regional Health Authority Southern Alberta Clinic
The Southern Alberta HIV Clinic has established this web site as part of the service to our patients and colleagues living in Southern Alberta and to the general public.

Canadian AIDS Society
The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is a national coalition of over 100 community-based AIDS organizations across Canada.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network addresses Legal and Ethical Issues Raised by HIV/AIDS

The Canadian Health Network
Health Canada’s Homepage providing information from the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control.

The Canadian Trials Network
A partnership committed to developing treatments, vaccines and a cure for HIV disease and AIDS

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange
CATIE provides information to help people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers make informed health care decisions.

IAS (International AIDS Society)
The Society consists of scientists and people who in different ways are professionally engaged in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)
ICASO is the international network for community-based AIDS organizations

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

National AIDS Housing Coalition
U.S. based non-profit providing information on research and advocacy campaigns to provide housing for individuals living with HIV or AIDS.

Brain Power Lab
Brain Power Lab Dr. Christopher Power from the Southern Alberta Clinic is studying the effects of HIV on the brain and ways to treat problems that arise with HIV.