The SHARP Foundation is committed to providing a continuum of care including housing, healthcare, and support to those individuals infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. In order to create healthy environments and promote health for persons living with HIV/AIDS, the SHARP Foundation develops services and programs for individuals requiring palliative, long term, intermediate, and independent living support. Residents participate in the assessment of their care plans, education, and personal development needs as an integral part of the programs and services provided by the SHARP Foundation.

The SHARP Foundation has a case management team that works together to address our client’s needs. Along with the other staff members, our volunteers and our partners. To learn more about case management and the care we provide, see the Case Management section of our website, or to see information on SHARP cost of care and target client population, view our background information page .

To inquire about programs or to make a referral to the SHARP Foundation, please contact Rocko Reschke 403 457 7476. To make a referral, please complete the Referral Form and fax it to 403 451 1727.