What exactly do we do at SHARP? SHARP is a care facility and support network for those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. We provide a range of care from long-term care to independent living support, and aid residents with learning to move past diagnosis and getting back to living their lives in a positive way.

How do I know if SHARP if the right place for me or to refer someone to? If after looking through our website you’re still not sure whether or not SHARP is the right place for you or to refer someone you know to, feel free to call us at 403 457 7476 for more information and we can help you decide if SHARP is going to be the best solution.

Are friends and family allowed to visit? Yes. Friends and family are allowed to visit, join us in activities, and take residents out to activities. We work with a harm reduction or model of compassion philosophy to reduce harm to the people we serve, residents, and their support networks so precautionary measures are taken when residents are allowed visitors or taken to events not hosted by SHARP.

How do I talk to someone if I am interested in coming to SHARP or I’d like to refer someone? If you’re interested in coming to SHARP, please phone our Case Manager, Jennifer Coldwell, at 403 457 7476 and she can help you figure out your first steps in coming to SHARP.

If you’re interested in referring someone else to SHARP, call Jennifer Coldwell at 403 457 7476 and fill out our Referral Form. It can be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to us at Box A023, 5717 2nd Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0A1


How can I get involved with SHARP? You can get involved with SHARP in a number of ways from volunteering to donating money via Canada Helps or directly by calling us at 403 272 2912.

How do I volunteer? If you’re interested in volunteering at SHARP we encourage you to read through our website before applying to get an idea of what SHARP is like, what we do here, and what some of our volunteer opportunities are. If you’ve decided that SHARP is somewhere you’d like to volunteer, check out our Volunteer page for an application form and e-mail, fax, or mail it to us at:

Fax: 403.453.2468
Mail: Box A023, 5717 2nd Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0A1

What would I do as a volunteer? It depends! We have many positions available for volunteers from administrative help and special events to resident activities and care-giving. When you fill out our volunteer application form you can check off what areas you’re interested in, and once you’re accepted we can help you figure out exactly where you’d be most comfortable volunteering if you’re unsure.

If I choose to volunteer in the SHARP Activities Mob, what sorts of things will I be asked to do? You’ll be accompanying residents to go on outings to places such as the theatre, zoo, library, or movies. This volunteer opportunity involves more support in keeping everyone together and helping to engage the residents in the activities for that day.

If I want to help out at events what will I be asked to do? As a volunteer for events and fundraisers you’ll be asked to help with ticket sales at the event, parking and event directions, putting together materials (such as goodie bags) for the events, handing out party favours, and general event duties.

What kinds of fundraisers does SHARP participate in? SHARP hosts events including Bowls for Beswick, Calgary Pride, A Night for Hope and A Taste for Life.  We are also proud of our association with the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch (ISCCA) which hosts several fund raising events throughout the year in support of SHARP and other important charitable organizations. We also participate in events with our partners that promote education and research.


What sorts of donations do we accept? We accept donations in all types; as a volunteer you’re donating your time and energy to enriching the lives of those living with HIV; as a monetary donor you’re donating your hard earned money to support our care-giving services; and as a donor of goods (furniture, gift certificates, etc.) you’re enabling us to make our facilities and range of activities better for our residents.

What kinds of goods donations do we need? SHARP is always happy to accept donations for our care facilities such as bed sheets, furniture (particularly night stands and dressers), towels, toiletries, and similar items. We also accept donations of activity (theatre, sporting event, movie, zoo, convention, etc.) passes, gift certificates, and bus passes.

If I donate money to SHARP, where does it go? Monetary donations go directly to funding the services SHARP provides to our residents. This means your donation can end up helping to buy a new elevator for our physically disabled residents to purchasing admission to a film screening.

For an exact breakdown of how our donations are allocated within SHARP see our 2014/2015 Annual Report posted on this site.