SHARP’s Goals (2015 – 2020)

  • Sustain and build an integrated continuum of care including housing, medical, psychosocial, and spiritual supports based on each client’s needs and choices.
  • Create and maintain safe, accessible, environmentally-friendly homes.
  • Attract, retain, and nurture highly skilled and compassionate people to support our clients through the delivery of programs and services.
  • Develop and nurture our strategic partnerships to maintain and enhance the quality of life of all persons living with HIV.
  • Communicate the excellence of our programs and services so they are clearly recognized by our Stakeholders across Canada.
  • Secure financial sustainability by increasing our revenue sources and maintaining fiscal responsibility.
  • Assess and align our strategic directions to best meet the current and future needs of individuals living with HIV and their family and friends.
  • Improve and enhance the quality of health outcomes and lives of persons living with HIV through research, evaluation, and knowledge transfer.

The SHARP Foundation is committed to developing strategic direction to ensure affordable housing and accessible programming is available for persons living with HIV. The Foundation will provide a nurturing environment to attract and retain highly skilled and compassionate people to deliver and support our clients, programs, and services. To ensure staff, volunteers, and service providers are best able to participate in creating healthy environments and promote heath for our clients, we will provide education and awareness of issues including HIV, diversity, medical and/or social issues.